Ensuring round-the-clock reliability. All day, every day.

Providing 24/7 customer assistance and support.  All day, every day.

Today’s 787 is full of innovative new technologies that Boeing is constantly enhancing.  More than 146,000 data points are continually monitored by on-board systems and automatically transmitted to the ground.  New, reliable fiber optic data networks replace traditional wiring, while lighter, stronger composite materials make up 50 percent of the airplane and eliminate 1,500 aluminum sheets and more than 40,000 fasteners. 

During normal day-to-day operations, incidents can occur such as bird strikes, a landing gear door won’t latch properly or a cargo air conditioning unit begins to leak. When incidents or component issues like these occur, airline maintenance personnel may be able to address them or may ask Boeing for help to avoid delays and cancellations that impact passengers.

The airline team can consult Boeing’s secure customer service portal MyBoeingFleet to collaborate with Boeing experts for technical assistance and obtain essential information such as engineering drawings, details about a part or product, or maintenance documents.

Airlines have 24/7 access to Boeing’s Operations Center for help with urgent technical problems, engineering issues or maintenance needs.  Boeing Field Service Representatives are co-located with airlines around the world to provide timely on-site technical advice.

The 777 set a benchmark for in-service reliability for Boeing and for all new airplane introductions.  Boeing is taking the opportunity to addressing several improvements that should further enhance the 787’s overall reliability and performance. We are also taking action to ensure that the power panels on the airplanes are of the intended quality.

Our airline customers deserve the highest quality products and services, and the Boeing teams work round-the-clock to support them.